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The fourth Nordic Metabolomics Conference 2024


Join NmetC2024 as an Exhibitor or Sponsor

NmetC2024 conference offers your company a great opportunity to display your brand and solutions in the context of Metabolomics. With a state-of-art scientific programme, we will attract a broad audience to interact with during breaks.

For more information on sponsorship and exhibition options, please contact



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As the pioneer and frontrunner in metabolic analysis, Metabolon has created the industry’s most advanced system for measuring and understanding the metabolome. Metabolon’s proprietary metabolomics technology delivers the highest level of confidence in the annotation (Tier 1) and can detect and identify 5,400+ metabolites and their metabolic pathways, within any biological sample. Our sophisticated and precise analysis of the metabolome detects endogenous metabolites and those deriving from the microbiome, lifestyle, or environmental factors (e.g. food, drugs, and chemicals).

  • 20 years of experience with over 10,000 projects completed
  • 5,400+ metabolites in our library
  • Trusted partner with global cohorts and medical centers of excellence to reveal promising new biomarkers
  • Published in over 3,000+ publications
  • Clinically relevant and regulatory compliant

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Nightingale Health offers next-generation clinical chemistry for research.

One 100 µl blood sample, one test, 250 biomarkers, including 39 clinically validated biomarkers. Replicate and publish your research findings, adding to over 450 prior publications from UK Biobank and hundreds of other cohorts. Enjoy our affordable pricing from EUR 24 per sample.

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Waters Corporation, a global leader in analytical instruments, consumables, and software, has pioneered innovations in chromatography, mass spectrometry and Imaging, serving the life, materials, and food sciences for more than 60 years. Together with our customers in labs around the world, we deliver scientific insights that unlock the potential of science, to solve problems that matter.


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SCIEX empowers our customers to solve the most impactful analytical challenges in quantitation and characterization. With groundbreaking innovation and outstanding reliability and support, SCIEX has been at the forefront of the field for over 50 years.

Since the launch of the first-ever commercially successful triple quadrupole in 1981, we continue to develop technologies and solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes. That’s why thousands of life science experts around the world choose SCIEX to get the answers they can trust.

SCIEX is proud to be part of Danaher.

Danaher’s science and technology leadership puts SCIEX solutions at the forefront of the industry, so they can reach more people. Being part of Danaher means we can offer unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise and solutions to our customers. Together with Danaher’s other businesses across Biotechnology, Diagnostics and Life Sciences, we unlock the transformative potential of cutting-edge science and technology to improve billions of lives every day.


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nordland is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable future through purchasing and reselling used laboratory equipment. When you choose to sell your used equipment to nordland, you not only receive payment but also contribute to extending its life, minimizing waste, and passing on quality equipment to its next user. nordlands task is to locate replaced equipment that’s currently idle in basements or on the brink of replacement at laboratories all over Scandinavia.